Waxing vs. Laser: Which Hair Removal Method is Best?

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When it comes to hair removal, we’ve done it all. From shaving, waxing and plucking, to specialist creams and laser treatments.

There are many ways to effectively remove unwanted hairs, and with waxing and laser hair removal being the most popular, we wanted to provide you with the essential information you’ll need to determine the right hair removal process for you.

Laser Hair Removal

At Ruma Salons we use the Soprano ICE Laser, a virtually pain-free laser treatment that can be used on all hair types and skin colours to achieve incredible results.

This laser penetrates the skin to target the hair shaft and destroy the follicle, permanently reducing your unwanted hairs after several sessions!

There are many benefits to laser hair removal, this treatment is suitable for everyone – even those with sensitive skin. It achieves long-lasting results, helps to improve skin tone and texture, and unlike waxing, laser treatments do not cause ingrown hairs.

Find out more about our laser treatments and view our price list.


Waxing is the cheaper, more accessible hair removal treatment. It pulls hair from the root, and although hair does slowly grow back, it comes back in a much finer, softer state.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and short-term hair removal treatment then waxing is the method for you. It removes all unwanted hair in one session; however, it can be painful and is not a permanent or long-lasting solution to removing and reducing unwanted hair.

In-grown hairs are a risk associated with waxing, our team of expert technicians can help you achieve smooth results, however, if you are prone to in-grow hairs then we recommend laser treatments.

Find out more about our luxury waxing treatments and book your next pamper session.

Start Your Hair Removal Journey with Ruma Salons

For more information, schedule a consultation with us at our luxury clinic or get in touch and indulge in your beauty and laser hair removal treatments in Southampton.

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