laser hair removal southampton

Our clinical team specialise in leading Laser Hair Removal in Southampton. Combining unique laser and cooling technologies, the treatment is faster, safer, and less painful than any other laser system, with a much faster recovery time.

laser hair removal in Southampton

soprano Titanium and Soprano ice Laser Hair Removal

Our laser hair removal in Southampton is the best choice of treatment for males or females who want a permanent solution to unwanted hair. At Ruma Southampton we offer the latest, world-leading, innovation in laser hair removal technology: The Soprano Titanium and Soprano ICE Laser.

The Soprano Titanium and Soprano ICE laser hair-removal treatment is a huge breakthrough in hair removal, suitable for hair removal on all areas of the body, at any time of the year, and for all skin tones and hair colours. Combining unique laser and cooling technologies, the treatment is faster, safer and less painful than any other laser system, with a faster recovery time. It’s an award-winning treatment and has been named the Best Hair Removal Product by the Aesthetic Industry Awards in 2015.

Review: “Always a warm & welcoming atmosphere throughout the treatment! Really impressed by the professionalism of the lovely staff & the cleanliness of the clinic. The staff are really friendly, reassuring and I’m always seen to quickly. Tiffany always ensures I am comfortable during the procedure and that I leave with full aftercare information. Procedures are also very quick, easy & pain-free!

Please note that a patch test is required for all laser hair removal treatments. 

All bundles are based on courses of 8 treatments.


Full Leg, Hollywood and Underarms £2,760 £1,932 £828
Full Leg, Brazilian and Underarms £2,600 £1,820 £780
Full Leg, Bikini and Underarms £2,400 £1,680 £720
Full Back & Shoulders and Chest £2,080 £1,456 £624
Full Back & Shoulders, Chest & Abdomen £2,720 £1,904 £816
Full Face, Neck, Underarms, Full Arm, Chest, Nipples, Abdomen, Full Back & Shoulders, Hollywood, Buttocks and full leg £8720 £4796.00 £3924
Full Face, Underarms, Full Arm, Nipples, Abdomen, Hollywood, Buttocks and Full Leg £6120 £3366 £2754
Full Face, Underarms, Full Arm, Nipples, Abdomen, Brazilian, Buttocks and Full Leg £5960 £3278 £2682
Full Face, Underarms, Full Arm, Nipples, Abdomen, Bikini, Buttocks and Full Leg £5760 £3168 £2592
Full Face, Underarms, Full Arm, Abdomen, Hollywood and Full Leg £5240 £2882 £2358
Full Face, Underarms, Full Arm, Abdomen, Brazilian and Full Leg £5080 £2794 £2286
Full Face, Neck, Chest, Abdomen and Full Back & Shoulders £4040 £2222 £1818
Neck, Chest, Abdomen and Full Back & Shoulders £3160 £1738 £1422

Individual Courses

Single appointments can be booked, although courses of 6 to 8 treatments are generally recommended for the best result.

*The cost of 6 or 8 is based upon paying upfront or with a payment plan, does not apply for pay as you go.

AREA SINGLE COURSE 6 - Price including discount COURSE 8 - Price including discount
Chin £45.00 £243 £315
Ears £35.00 £189 £245
Forehead £65.00 £351 £455
Full Beard £80.00 £432 £560
Full Face & Neck £130.00 £702 £910
Full Face (no neck) £110.00 £594 £770
Glabella £35.00 £189 £245
Half Face & Neck £110.00 £594 £770
Half face (No Neck) £90.00 £486 £630
Hands & Fingers £45.00 £243 £315
Jawline £65.00 £351 £455
Neck £45.00 £243 £315
Sideburns £55.00 £297 £385
Upper lip £45.00 £243 £315
Perianal £45.00 £243 £315
Bikini £65.00 £351 £455
Brazillian £90.00 £486 £630
Buttocks £55.00 £297 £385
Hollywood £110.00 £594 £770
Feet & Toes £45.00 £243 £315
Full Leg (inc Feet) £170.00 £918 £1190
Half Leg (inc Knee and Feet) £110.00 £594 £770
Top Half of Leg (exc Knee) £130.00 £702 £910
Abdomen £90.00 £486 £630
Chest £90.00 £486 £630
Chest & Abdomen £170.00 £918 £1190
Full Arm (inc Fingers and Hands) £110.00 £594 £770
Full Back & Shoulders £170.00 £918 £1190
Half arm (Lower or Upper) £90.00 £486 £630
Lower Back £90.00 £486 £630
Nipples £55.00 £297 £385
Shoulders £90.00 £486 £630
Tummy Line £55.00 £297 £385
Underarm £65.00 £351 £455
Upper Back £90.00 £486 £630


Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Persistent hair growth, unruly hairs, and ingrown hairs can leave you feeling less confident and uncomfortable. Soprano Ice Laser hair removal combines unique laser and cooling technologies to destroy the hair follicle in a virtually pain free process that permanently reduces your body’s hair production. Find out more about the benefits fo laser hair removal.

Yes laser hair removal works on dark skin! Using the advanced Soprano Ice laser hair removal machine, our treatments are inclusive for all complexions. We do not believe in using machines that target melanin, instead our laser hair removal device directly targets the hair follicles for safer, more precise results. Find out more about safe laser hair removal for dark skin tones.

Laser hair removal for fair hair is absolutely possible. As the latest technology targets the actual hair follicles, rather than melanin pigments within the hair itself, the treatment is now perfectly safe for people with fair or blonde hair.

Yes, absolutely! Laser hair removal is safe, effective, and long-lasting on your face and neck area. Laser treatment your face is available to anyone wanting to permanently reduce unwanted hairs regardless of your gender identity. 

There are a few things you should do in preparation for your laser hair removal treatment. This includes limiting your exposure to the sun, and avoid waxing, plucking and electrolyses treatments at least 6 weeks prior to laser treatment. Find out exactly how to prepare for laser hair removal.

During the days after laser hair removal, you may experience redness or raised bumps around your hair follicles, this is normal and will usually disappear after 48 hours. The first few days after laser hair removal are crucial to keeping your skin clean and protected. 

Laser hair removal should typically be performed every 4-6 weeks – particularly if you are on the start of your hair removal journey. We recommend a minimum of 6-8 laser hair removal treatments to start with; after this it is likely that you will be able to reduce the consistency down to single top up sessions.

Laser hair removal treatments offer long-lasting and often permanent hair reduction. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure harnesses the power of ultra-precise lasers to target and destroy hair from the follicle to prevent continuous growth. Find out more about the long-term effects of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal provides permanent hair reduction, meaning your results will not revert. To maintain your laser hair removal results, you can shave or use hair removal creams. Remember, aftercare is still essential; so continue to follow the advice of your aesthetic practitioner.

There are many benefits to laser hair removal, this treatment is suitable for everyone – even those with sensitive skin. It achieves long-lasting results, helps to improve skin tone and texture, and unlike waxing, laser treatments do not cause ingrown hairs. Discover the difference between laser and waxing.

Laser hair removal is the ideal long-term solution for those wanting to permanently get rid of unwanted body hair. Laser technology uses light pulses to safely target and destroy the hair follicle in the treated area; this permanently reduces hair growth and leaves your skin silky smooth. Find out more about laser hair removal for different skin tones and hair types.

Despite being one of the most popular forms of hair removal and reduction in the UK, there are still many (many!) myths surrounding laser hair removal treatments. We want you to be confident in your course of laser treatments, which is why we’re putting an end to the rumours and providing clarity on the procedure. Learn more about the myths and facts behind laser hair removal.

For more information on Soprano Titanium and Soprano ICE visit the Alma Website here.

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