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"I had botox and lip filler with Emily. I am super happy with the results. I was a little nervous before I had it done, because I’ve never had any aesthetic treatment before. However, Emily has a lovely way of making you feel comfortable, which really helped put me at ease. Emily was great at preparing and managing my expectations. I loved the results instantly and continue to."

treatable areas for wrinkle relaxing

Anti wrinkle Treatments in Southampton

wrinkle relaxing treatments Southampton

With non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatments to combat the signs of ageing becoming more effective in recent years, the award-winning team at RUMA is dedicated to helping you revitalise your skin.

Our range of wrinkle relaxing treatments produce wonderful results, enhancing your natural beauty and refreshing your skin, so you can enjoy a smooth, naturally youthful glow.

Contact our team of expert aesthetic practitioners to book a consultation and refresh your skin with the perfect anti-wrinkle treatments for your needs.


Treatable areas for wrinkle relaxing treatments

wrinkle relaxing treatments

Frown Lines

Known as the glabella region, the space between your eyebrows can develop vertical lines caused by frowning. Wrinkle-relaxing treatments help to relax the glabella muscles and reduce the appearance of frown lines.

Anti Wrinkle treatments


With visible results within a week of this anti-wrinkle treatment, smoothing horizontal lines and easing developing or visible wrinkles caused by frowning and stress will give you a natural glow and a beautifully refreshed appearance.

Anti Ageing Treatments

Crow's Feet

Crow’s feet refer to the horizontal lines at the outer corners of your eyes. Addressing wrinkles in this area can make a dramatic difference, giving a rejuvenating effect to the skin around your eyes and softening the appearance of these lines .

Sweat Reduction Treatments


Underarm sweating, Feet sweating, Hand sweating, Forehead sweating 

wrinkle relaxing treatments

additional areaS

(i.e. bunny lines, chin dimples, neck)

Facial Slimming treatments

Masseter reduction/jaw grinding

wrinkle relaxing treatments

Advanced Areas

When discussing lines and wrinkles, ‘advanced areas’ refers to areas such as the lips, chin and neck. Various wrinkle relaxing treatments offered at RUMA are designed to address the appearance of these lines and wrinkles.

wrinkle relaxing treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatment Pricing

The cost of wrinkle relaxing treatments can vary depending on your personal aesthetic goals. For more information on the cost of anti-wrinkle treatments at RUMA salon, get in touch with the team and book a full consultation.

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