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Waxing Southampton

Waxing is the ideal choice for quick and effective hair removal in Southampton. It is perfect for a smoother finish, and gives a precision result that shaving can’t achieve.

Warm waxing is one of the most popular services we offer at our stylish and luxurious beauty suite in Southampton, and is undertaken by our expert beauty technicians.

Call us to find out more about our waxing services, and read on to find out more about the options we offer to our customers.

Quality Waxing with Exceptional Products

RUMA are proud to work with the very best beauty products in the industry. We use natural products wherever possible, and we are committed to minimising the chemical impact of our salon. Chemical hair removal can be painful and lead to unwanted consequences, making waxing a superior alternative when you choose RUMA in Southampton.

We work with organic tea tree oil wax, which is a natural product, and will help reduce the reaction to your hair removal. Our quality wax is perfect for ensuring a smooth and clean finish. The tea tree oil has antiseptic properties too, making it the product of choice for reducing redness, avoiding chemical burns, and creating a healthier look to your skin.

Our warm waxing in Southampton is specifically designed to minimise pain, create slower hair regrowth and a perfect finish, ensuring your experience is outstanding and treatments will be required less often. It can also be used on shorter hair, lessening the growth time between treatments.

Our Waxing Services in Southampton

One of the many benefits of choosing RUMA for your waxing is that we offer a professional and sensitive service, so you can trust us to perform your treatments in confidence. We understand that waxing can be an intimate and private requirement for our customers, and so we offer the utmost professionalism.

Our waxing services include all the standard options you would get in any salon, such as leg waxing, upper lip, and underarm. We differ in many ways, including the quality of our products, however, where we truly lead the way in beauty treatments in Southampton, is in the extensive variety of treatments we offer to our clients.

We are able to perform all manner of intimate waxing, from Brazilian waxing, Hollywood waxing and full buttock waxing. Our talented and highly trained technicians will discreetly ensure that you achieve the look you want in your intimate areas.

We also offer a range of options for larger areas, including back waxing, abdomen waxing and shoulder waxing, and we even offer a full body waxing solution for complete hair removal.

Waxing in Southampton with RUMA

Luxury & Relaxation with RUMA

You can combine your waxing treatment with any of our other treatments, or you can simply pop in for an appointment on your lunch break.

Our luxurious beauty suite is exquisitely designed to create a relaxing space, away from the stress and challenge of daily life. You can rest and rejuvenate in our sumptuous seating area, and our treatment cubicles are spacious and warm.

We aim to ensure that when you come to RUMA for any treatment, you will benefit from a full pampering experience, where you leave feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, looking fabulous and full of confidence.

We are beauty experts and our waxing treatments will help you to look your best.

Waxing Appointments to Suit You

Unlike chemical hair removal, with waxing there is little cause for concern when it comes to product reaction. The wax we use is organic and features natural tea tree oil to promote healing and give you healthy looking skin.

You can book in for a free consultation, however, you can also book an appointment online and simply pop in at a time to suit you for your treatment. We will give you our expert advice and guidance on the waxing options to suit you.

Our waxing prices in Southampton are superb too, with discounts available for combined treatments. Take a look at the price list on our hair removal page, and see just how reasonable our waxing costs are.

When you choose RUMA for your waxing in Southampton, you will benefit from luxury treatment by highly trained professionals in opulent surroundings. You can truly relax, knowing your waxing treatment will be calm and of high quality.

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