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Lip fillers Southampton

Lips are an essential element of a beautiful face, conveying both sensuality and emotion. As a result, great efforts are made across the world on a daily basis to make lips appear larger or more defined through lipsticks and liners.

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Lip fillers Southampton

However, for lips that are thin or lacking definition, there is one treatment that stands ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest: Lip Fillers.

Silky smooth reversible lip fillers are specifically designed to enhance and define natural lips, whilst retaining their inherent softness and expressiveness. These fillers have nothing in common with those made famous by media horror stories of the past, but are a very safe, wonderful way to enhance the natural beauty of your own natural lips.

Ruma Southampton specialise in using specialised lip fillers to blend increased volume and shape into the natural lip in such a way as to enhance the overall beauty of the face. Using soft, reversible Dermal Fillers, a beautiful, natural and long-lasting result can be achieved.

Prices from £290

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Results can last up to 12 months depending on the individual.

Most people are suitable for this treatment, but this can be discussed further at your consultation.

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