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Permanent Laser Hair Removal

If you’re looking for laser hair removal prices in Southampton, ask the Ruma team for help and advice. Our treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to remove unwanted hair permanently and is highly effective – thanks to the Soprano ICE Laser technology we use.

Why is the Soprano ICE hair-removal process to successful? It can be used on area of the body and is compatible with all skin types too. The treatment is almost pain-free and designed to help you recover and notice benefits faster. Contact us for Laser Hair Removal prices in Southampton

Laser Hair Removal Cost Southampton

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Contact us for laser hair removal prices in Southampton today and enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • Less treatments are needed to remove your unwanted hair – so you’ll see results faster
  • The Soprano ICE technology we use is internationally recognised and market-leading
  • Our prices are competitive – why not come and see us at our salon in Southampton?
  • You’ll experience few if any side-effects, as the process is almost pain free
  • Our treatment is suitable for men and women and any skin colour
  • Even if your skin is suntanned, our technology works
  • People with fair coloured hair will also see results
  • The process if fast and extremely effective
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Our Approach

When you contact us for hair removal prices in Southampton, we’ll arrange a consultation. During your visit, we’ll ask about your medical history – so that we can be sure the treatment will be suitable.

For your additional peace of mind, your consultant will test a small section of your skin using our Soprano ICE laser. As long as there no unexpected side-effects, we’ll book a date for your treatment.

The consultation is free, so you won’t need to worry about any hidden extras. The process will be conducted in comfortable surroundings with one of our experienced and friendly team members.

Call Ruma today on 2380 402 702 for laser hair removal prices. Dedicated parking is available at our site in Southampton and you’ll receive a warm welcome when you visit. Why not book your treatment online!

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Almost all of our Southampton customers see results with our market-leading hair removal treatment. The process is not suitable for people with grey hair, which contains no melamine. We can discuss alternative options and prices in such cases.

Our ground-breaking treatment causes virtually no discomfort. You will feel some warmth in your skin when the laser applies – but the sensation is relaxing and feels in many ways like a massage. Book an appointment to see us in Southampton today

We will treat different parts of your body on a rotating cycle – 4-weekly for your face; 6-weekly for the rest of your body. The treatment normally works within 6-8 sessions. Contact us if you’re looking for laser hair removal prices in Southampton.

Our Award-Winning Treatment

Hair Removal Service Southampton

To give our customers as much choice as possible, we’ve organised our treatment into tiers. This means that you’ll be able to find an option that’s suitable and within your budget.

Our costs are included on our website for your convenience. For further information about each option, or if you want hair removal prices, please contact our friendly team.

If, having spoken to one of our qualified consultants, you’re interested in proceeding with the treatment, we’ll invite you in for an initial consultation at our Southampton salon.

Laser Hair Removal Prices, Southampton

Call the Ruma team on 02380 402702 or send us a message. We will be delighted to explain the laser hair removal options available with you in more detail.

If you have a question about our prices, one of our consultants will be able to tell you what’s included in each package and recommend the most appropriate one.

We offer other hair, spa and beauty treatments – plus many other refreshing and energising options to consider if a special occasion is coming up or you want to treat yourself.

Don’t forget that you can book an appointment with us online, and even change the date of your consultation using the same service.

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