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Choose RUMA: Your Southampton-Based Hair Removal Experts

When it comes to hair removal, it’s important to choose a salon that offers a wide choice of services. RUMA is based in Southampton and offers three highly effective and affordable hair removal treatments – each of which can be booked online.

When you visit us for treatment at our salon in Southampton, you’ll be able to relax in beautiful surroundings and leave your troubles at the front door. Your assigned specialist will look after you and be happy to answer any questions you have.

Which of our treatments is best? Each of the three options we offer is highly effective but differ in their application. Contact an experienced member of our team on 02380 402 702 for details or book an appointment to see us in Southampton.

Threading: A Tried-and-Tested Treatment That Works

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that is suitable for a range of applications. Whether you want to shape your eyebrows or remove unwanted follicles from your face, we’ll make sure you get the results you want. Find out more by contacting our friendly team for further details and costs or keep reading to find out more.

How Does the Threading Process Work?

The threading process works in a non-intrusive way that involves twisting a clean cotton thread between the fingers and in between rows of hair. This almost painless form of hair treatment can yield results quickly and is a popular choice for customers who come to see us at our salon in Southampton.

How Quickly Does Threading Remove Hair?

We understand that you need a hair removal service that will deliver results quickly, especially if you need this service in advance of attending a special occasion. Threading works immediately, and the results can last as long as six weeks, after which a follow-up appointment will probably be needed.

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Warm Waxing: A Classic Alternative to Threading

Warm waxing is, like threading, a popular hair removal treatment with a rich history. If you’ve been looking for an easy and long-lasting way to get rid of unwanted follicles, this is a beauty treatment that you’ll want to explore.

How Is Warm Wax Applied to the Skin?

Warm wax doesn’t stick to your skin. This means your follicles will adhere to the wax and peel away with it. If you’re looking for a hair removal service in Southampton that’s almost painless, ask about RUMA’s warm waxing option.

Is Warm Waxing Like Strip Waxing?

Warm waxing is different in application to strip waxing, which adheres to the skin and is harder to pull away (meaning it causes some mild discomfort). Warm waxing is a form of hair removal that is best suited to underarm or bikini line hair.

Have You Thought About Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a form of treatment that is suitable for men and women. If you live in Southampton and want a service that is almost pain-free, ask RUMA about Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal.

Our laser hair removal service is non-intrusive and almost pain-free. A pulse of light is aimed at the area of the body in question. This process is repeated until all relevant areas of the body have been treated.

Our Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal is suitable for almost everyone. It is most effective for people with light coloured skin or hair. If you have white or grey hair, it won’t be effective due to the absence of melamine.

Hair removal by laser is fast. When you come and see us at our salon in Southampton, you’ll be amazed at how quick the process is. Each affected area can be cleared in as little as five minutes. Find out more by contacting us.

The Soprano ICE Laser Treatment is designed to remove unwanted hair follicles forever. You will need to come and see us at our Southampton salon roughly 6-8 times and once a month. Treatment might take longer with darker skin.

Hair Removal Prices, Southampton

If you have a question about our hair removal services, please call us on 02380 402 702 or send us a message. If you prefer, you can book your appointment online. It takes just a moment to register, and you can even rebook online

if your schedule changes.Come and see us at our comfortable and easily-accessible salon in Southampton if you need more than hair removal. We offer a range beauty and spa treatments, which we would be happy to discuss with you when you contact us.

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