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Have You Been Looking for an Effective Laser Facial Hair Removal Treatment?

Facial hair removal treatments vary in nature and in price. As you can imagine, some are more effective than others. At Ruma Salons, we want to make sure that our customers enjoy long-lasting benefits following their visit to our premises near Southampton.

Our facial hair removal service is extremely successful, since we’ve chosen the Soprano ICE Laser to help our customers. The technology used in the Soprano ICE Laser is incredibly advanced and can be used as more than just a facial hair removal remedy.

If you need more than facial hair removal, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Soprano ICE Laser can be used anywhere on your body – but without causing any discomfort or long-term effects. Why not a book an appointment to visit us in Southampton

Facial Hair Removal Prices, Southampton

Facial Hair Treatments with a Difference

There’s no doubt that the Soprano ICE Laser offers and expedient and long-term solution to hair loss. But we offer other facial hair treatments, too. Depending on your preferences, these may be more appealing to you.


In this instance, we would use a cotton thread to remove the hair follicle. If you want to reshape your eyebrows or get rid of unwanted hair on your face, threading will reward you with the look that you have been trying to achieve.

This is slightly to different to facial hair treatments that involve lasers, because a more tactile approach is needed to achieve the desired effect. Cotton is twisted between the fingers and traced along rows of hair to remove them.

Why is threading so popular? It is a less painful option compared to plucking and allows each eyebrow to be plucked into a shape that is cosmetically appealing. Find out about this facial hair removal option by contacting our team.

Warm Waxing

Facial hair treatments don’t get much more relaxing than this. Sit back and take your mind off things by asking a member of our team to removed undesired follicles using warm wax, which also has an antiseptic property that will heal as its applied.

Warm waxing can be used to tackle unwanted hair in a range of places, including the face, legs and eyebrows. A full range of facial hair treatments that use warm wax can be viewed by visiting our online Treatments & Prices list or by contacting us.

Facial Hair Removal Cost, Southampton

Why Is Laser Facial Hair Removal So Popular?

Facial hair treatment delivered via laser can create a warming sensation and, in some cases, reddening in the skin. This is extremely rare and, if these symptoms do occur, they vanish in just a few hours.

Laser facial hair removal is remarkably quick when you use the Soprano ICE Laser. If the area in question is small, it could take as little as 5 minutes to complete the treatment. It really depends.

Facial hair removal doesn’t take long. Expect to visit us at our salon in Southampton every week across a period of 6-8 sessions. Once the hair has been removed you may just need a yearly top up.

The process we use for facial hair removal completed by laser is simple. A brief pulse of light is directed at the body so that it can target numerous follicles. The process is repeated until the area is treated.

The laser facial hair removal service we offer best suits people with lighter skin or hair. Regretfully, it isn’t suitable for people with white/grey hair, due to the absence of melamine.

Our laser facial hair removal service is competitively priced. Contact our friendly team for more information and some guideline prices.

Facial Hair Removal Prices

Facial Hair Removal Salon, Southampton

Find out about our facial hair removal service by contacting the Ruma today on 02380 402702. We will be able to discuss the different treatment options available and tell you some of the other pampering options you can enjoy when you come to see us in Southampton – for example, our Beauty and Medispa treatments.

Booking your facial hair removal is easy. You can register on our website and use our online booking tool to make an appointment (you can also change the appointment later on without the need to call us). Alternatively, call or send a short message via our website. We look forward to welcoming you at our Southampton salon soon

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