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Natural Style with Botox in Southampton

Botox treatments in Southampton are a superb way of achieving a fresh looking face with smooth and ageless skin, without undergoing surgery.

Our Botox specialists are trained to the highest standards and offer a natural look for clients. Long gone are the days of a stiff, expressionless face! Our expertise enables us to create an organic appearance, which enhances your everyday look.

Read on to find out more about the quality Botox treatments we offer in Southampton.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein which is used to relax the muscles in your face, helping to smooth out wrinkled skin. It is applied by experts using ultra fine needles, ensuring it is as pain free as possible.

Our team of beauticians includes Botox specialists who are able to undertake even the most complex of treatments. They are all talented in this revolutionary treatment, and will help you to decide where best your treatment is applied for maximum effect and a natural appearance.

Botox is renowned for its safety. It has been used in the medical industry since the 1970s to great effect, and it has been a cosmetic treatment for over 20 years.

Our Botox in Southampton is applied using the very latest techniques and innovation to create a perfect, flawless and organic look.

Wrinkle Removal With Botox in Southampton

Botox is the ideal solution for Southampton clients looking to iron out wrinkles. It can be used to great effect in the glabella and forehead areas of the face.

The glabella is the frown line between your eyes and around where the bridge of your nose is. Botox can help to relax the muscles in this area, smoothing out the lines and grooves, and making the area look younger. This treatment works in two ways – firstly, it relaxes the muscle, stopping you from overworking it and secondly, is can help reduce the static groove which becomes evident in that area.

If you want to smooth out the wrinkles over your forehead, then Botox is the perfect solution. Much like with the effect it has on your frown line, Botox relaxes the area, ensuring it is not overworked and lines disappear.

Facial Re-Shaping With Botox

Many people don’t realise, but Botox is also a great alternative to surgery for reshaping your face and giving it a softer look. This is fast becoming a popular treatment, and it can be used on both women and men.

Botox can be used to relax certain muscles around the brow area, giving it a lift and making your eyes look bolder and brighter. You will benefit from the loss of heavy brows born through frowning and concentration, lifting them up to create a more natural appearance.

We also offer non-surgical reshaping of your jawline, perfect for creating a more feminine look. If you have a heavy set, or square jaw, then Botox can soften the lines, creating a slimmer, heart-shaped look.

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