Can I Use Laser Hair Removal Treatment On My Face?

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Absolutely! Laser hair removal on your face is safe and effective.

Unlike waxing or shaving, laser treatment is the most effective method to permanently and safely remove facial hair without harmful effects.

Anyone can use laser hair removal on their face to reduce and permanently remove unwanted facial hair with long-lasting results, irrespective of gender.

What Facial Features Can Be Treated with Laser Hair Removal?

Facial laser treatment can be used to treat the upper lip, jawline, chin, sideburns, cheeks, eyebrows, ear lobes, neck, half face and full face. Eye protection must be worn when operating the laser around the eye area.

Laser treatment used on the face can produce discreet and perfectly smooth results. Treatment can be used to reduce the amount of unwanted hair or can permanently remove unwanted hair depending on your desired results.

You can expect to see results after 6-8 appointments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The treatment is broken down to help give the best results.

The laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicles during its growth cycle to stop the hair from returning. As hairs can be in different stages of the growth cycle, multiple sessions are needed to ensure all hairs are targeted and removed successfully.

Facial Laser Removal Sessions:

Due to the face being a smaller area compared to the body, session times will be much shorter. Especially if you’re just getting your upper lip treated for example. Meaning that your treatment time will be quick as well as painless! 

It is recommended that you shave the area you are getting treated the day before. The hair must be short with the root still intact to provide optimal results. So, no waxing, bleaching or tweezing the area at least a month before your session.

It should be noted that some people do not wish to use razors on their face. It is also suitable to use trimmers to trim facial hair. Providing you can trim as close to the skin as possible. The shorter the hairs, with the roots still intact, the better results you can achieve from your sessions.

The face is a sensitive area so always be sure you get treatment from a certified technician to avoid any harm to your face.

Book Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you’d like some more personal information about our facial laser hair removal treatment, please get in contact with our expert beauty clinic in Southampton today!

Interested in learning more about how our Soprano laser can reduce your hair growth? Visit their website page here.

Check out our laser hair removal treatment page to find out more, or schedule in a consultation to learn more!

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